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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Paul's Great Divide Photo Gallery 6 (Boulder to Rawlins)

In 2021, cycling buddy Paul Brasby rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route with me from Roosville, Montana to Rawlins, Wyoming, where he ran out of vacation time. During those unforgettable 24 days, we rode 1,300 miles of back roads over every kind of surface and condition, repeatedly climbing high mountain passes and crossing endless prairie, skirting rampant forest fires and steaming grizzly scat, dodging thunderstorms and lightening, and meeting a stream of interesting people.  

Throughout this journey, Paul captured hundreds of remarkable images, many of which appear in my blog posts of our ride together. Now, Paul has created a photo gallery of his favorite Great Divide images that he wishes to share. For earlier installments, go to Roosville to Clearwater LakeClearwater Lake to BasinBasin to Hansen Livestock RanchHansen Livestock Ranch to Warm River CampgroundWarm River Campground to Boulder

Hello All!

After a ten year dream, the first half of the GDMBR finally came true last year!

As Craig's blog posts of the GDMBR draw to an end, Craig was nice enough to let me share a few photo dumps showcasing the beautiful landscape, road conditions, people we met, and our POI along the way. I'll include some narrative with the pictures, as well. This is geared more to the first time touring riders of the GDMBR/Tour Divide adventures in the near future. I'll include distance and elevation gain of each day's ride as a helpful touring guide. For those that have already partaked in this amazing adventure, whether touring or racing, I hope these pictures bring back fond memories of a ride not soon forgotten.

Join along as Craig and I pedaled SOBO following the ACA's GDMBR from the Canadian border to Rawlins, Wyoming, at which point Craig pushed on solo to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Enjoy!

One more footnote. A big shout out to all those planning and prepping for this year's Tour Divide and for all those touring riders giving it a go this year. Whether SOBO or NOBO, I wish you a safe and exciting adventure! Cheers! 

Paul Brasby

Boulder to Atlantic City
Day 22, August 10, 2021 (77.8 miles/3,547 feet of elevation gain)

Boulder C-Store, a good stop for coffee
on a cold 28 degree morning. 

The last NOBO rider for Craig's trip to the border.

A beautiful days ride enjoying the views of the Windy Mt. Range.

Gift shop at South Pass had a few items to eat and drink.

Atlantic City has all the amenities to enjoy
a comfortable nights sleep with a full belly.

Atlantic City to A&M Reservoir
Day 23, August 11, 2021 (85.4 miles/3,278 feet of elevation gain)

For a small town there's plenty of places to spend the night.

Several Pioneer trails cross this segment.

Ron and his support crew Paul,
following the Oregon Trail West to East.

Craig's the little dot climbing up the 3rd hill.

Diagnus Well, 22 miles South of Atlantic City.
Be on the lookout for the only road in the area on your right, heading West.
It's a two track Y on the right, follow it a ways to the Diagnus Well sign on your left.

Diagnus Well. Craig is standing at the well
in the upper left hand corner of the picture.

Camping is allowed outside the fence line.

We left Diagnus Well with 7 liters of water each
and we were both out when we arrived at A&M Reservoir.

Diagnus Well is the only water along this 85 mile stretch.

Bison Basin Oil Camp. The only significant shade along the Great Basin.
A good spot for lunch. We looked for water but didn't find any.

A&M Reservoir 2 miles off of route on Rd 22.
The lake is above you on the left on a rocky road to a flat parking lot.
You can't see the lake until you get to the parking lot.
Sitting near the sign is a great place to watch the sunset!

Lake water and a place to pitch a tent, no bathrooms.

A&M Reservoir to Rawlins
Day 24, August 12, 2021 (57.3 miles/3,218 feet of elevation gain) 

This was my last day on the GDMBR. A great ride it was! Water up at the lake, there's no food or water until Rawlins! We packed 3 1/2 days of food for Pinedale to Rawlins. The store at Atlantic City was closed by the time we got there but they had a good restaurant that was open. They also had chips and Snicker bars for sale. 

My last GD sunrise.

We roll out with the second group of ACA riders 
that we met up with during our trip.

Worked with 3 ACA riders as we fought a stiff headwind most of the day.

Craig and I say Farewell as he pushes on and finishes 25 days later!
Congrats Craig! It was a pleasure riding with you!

My brother Matt drives 860 miles to pick me up and drive me home!
In Loving Memory, Matt Brasby, 1955-2022.