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Monday, June 10, 2024

Black Hills Bikepacking 101 Social

Bikepacking can be a daunting prospect, even to an experienced cyclist. The list of unknowns quickly piles up:  what bike, what gear, how to carry all that gear, food, water, shelter, where to go, etc. It is very easy to simply let all that prevent one from starting.

In short, just pack up a bike and go. Ride a bike you have, use camping stuff you have, pick a fun spot to camp, and ride. The distance can be very short. First trips are about learning from the experience.

For inspiration, here's a post I wrote in 2021 about a mom, her young daughter, and her daughter's friend on a three day, self-supported bikepacking ride of the Mickelson Trail. Talk about just packing up and going for it. Gumption and Grit.

To help the curious and to build our local bikepacking community, Black Hills Bike Hub (formerly known as the Black Hills Mountain Bike Association) is hosting "Bike Packing 101," a social gathering for everyone interested in bike packing. They assembled a panel of local bikepackers, who will bring their loaded bikes for a "Show & Tell" and answer questions from moderators and the audience. Feedback will chart the course for potential group bikepacking overnighters this summer and fall.

This panel brings a deep and wide variety of bikepacking experience to the table. Pavement, gravel, dirt, snow, single track, no track. Overnighters, week long, months long. Racing, touring, scouting, wandering. Events, large groups, small groups, solo. Something for everyone.

June 18, 2024. 6p-8p. Lost Cabin Beer Company. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Here's the Bikepacking 101 Social announcement from Black Hills Bike Hub:

"Join us at Lost Cabin to learn about bikepacking from some of the local legends of the sport! Bikepacking is both an extremely rewarding and humbling way to adventure by bike. You can expect to hear some great insights on what draws people to this type of riding, how to approach packing, what to bring with you, and many other tools to break down the barrier to entry into the world of adventure riding!  Even if you are an experienced rider who has many trips under your belt, join us! This will be a great opportunity to build a community amongst your bikepacking peers!

Schedule of Events

6:00 PM - 6:30:  Show & Tell - Loaded bikes set up around the patio so people can chat with panelists and get ideas for questions.

6:30 - 7:30:  Panel Discussion - Informal moderated panel discussion and open Q&A.

7:30 - 8:00:  Social/Continued Show & Tell - Give the audience a chance to catch up with panelists they want to hear more from on their own.

After the event  BHBH will send a survey out to the event sign-in list and through social media.

Evan Waterman
Weston Neiffer

Craig Groseth
Perry Jewett
Jason Thorman
Heather Heynen
Emily Brown

We will also have a handful of local riders bring their loaded bikes to give attendees the opportunity to see different setups. Feel free to bring your own loaded bike to show off! If you are new to bikepacking, feel free to bring your bike and get gear/load out recommendations!

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