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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Black Hills Gravel Series - Season 6!

The mountain is high, the valley is low
And you're confused on which way to go
So, I've come here to give you a hand
And lead you into the promised land
So, come on and take a free ride
Free Ride, Dan Hartman (1973)

"This is the way," proclaims Lucas Haan at the 2019 Sturgis Black Hills Gravel Series ride.

Great news for grass roots gravel! Gravel Maestro Lucas Haan recently announced the sixth season of the wildly popular Black Hills Gravel Series. 2022 Black Hills Gravel Announcement. As always, there's something for everyone.

More information is at, including GPX files, cue sheets, photos, and highlights, as well as updates and discussions on the Black Hills Gravel FaceBook Group. Of course, there's a Black Hills Gravel Strava group, too. 

For 2022, the Black Hills Gravel Series will NOT have mass starts on designated dates. Rather, Lucas will create a set of routes for each month from April through October and make them publicly available as a "Ride Of The Month" challenge. At your convenience, you can ride and post the monthly ride of your choice. 

Dane Church on the the April ROTM of the 2022 Black Hills Gravel Series.

As in the past, he plans to offer three routes, increasing in length and difficulty, for each start location. They're named by color:  Green (10-20 miles, moderate elevation gain), Blue (20-40 miles, moderately more elevation gain and difficulty), and Black (50+ miles, significantly more elevation gain and difficulty, likely with an added challenge). A route exists for every level of ability, experience, and ambition.

Lucas also created a community treasure by archiving prior routes on the "Routes & Resources" page of the Black Hills Gravel website. It's a great resource of unique, fun routes on gravel and dirt roads all over the Black Hills and surrounding prairie that you can ride most any time.

Enjoy these rides. Bring your family. Invite your friends. Support the Black Hills Gravel website.

And especially thank Lucas for his tireless work to continue to make it all happen.

Free Ride, Edgar Winter Group (1973)

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