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Saturday, April 4, 2015

For the Digital Cyclist: a GPS Map

The idea of the Black Hills BackBone has resonated with a wide assortment of folks, both cyclists and non-cyclists.  Maybe it's the natural beauty of the Black Hills or of the surrounding prairie.  Maybe it's the stark remoteness of these back roads.  Or maybe it's the sheer audacity of crossing the entire state of South Dakota through this country on these roads.  In any event, I am amazed at the responses and encouragement from so many different people.

One such person, whom I have never met, is Jake VanDewater.  Jake translated my turn-by-turn narrative of the Black Hills BackBone route into a GPS data map on Garmin and offered to share it with anyone interested.  He may not ride the BackBone and, if he does ride part or all of it, may not even use the Garmin map.  But Jake saw the social media requests for a GPS map and took on the project on his own.  Thanks so much, Jake.  I look forward to meeting, and riding, with you some time.  Here's the result of his work.  Black Hills BackBone - Garmin map HERE

Another avid cyclist, Greg Gleason, is also working on a GPS data map for the BackBone by converting a MapMyRide map.  He also just offered to do this after discerning my need for help.  Again, thanks.  Greg and his riding buddy Joe Stiller are actually considering a little out-and-back ride that would total over 600 miles.  Now, that's audacious!

These are living examples of Mark Stevenson's insightful blog post on the power of grass roots gravel grinders to create special experiences and relationships.  The folks that you meet are the kind of people that you want to ride with, that you want to spend more time with.  Right on, and ride on, Mark!  Guitar Ted's Post - HERE

Mark Stevenson encourages me, as I manage to finally reach Check Point Mile 47 over 6 hours into Odin's Revenge 2014.  (photo by Merrie Quigley)

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