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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful for Volunteers

I am thankful for volunteers, those people who give their time, energy and talents to serve others.  They pour part of themselves into making this broken world a better place for someone else.  Seeing that service sparks hope.

Gravel bike races are not tackling any of the big problems of the world.  It's a smaller environment, where folks challenge themselves, create memories and build relationships.  But they have made a  positive, lasting impact on me.  This post goes out to the volunteers of gravel races, and their supportive families and friends, for making such experiences possible.

As representatives of gravel race volunteers everywhere, here are the people behind creating and working Odin's Revenge.  Thank you and thanks to all the volunteers of other events.

It's Odin himself,  a sleep deprived Chad Quigley, wearing the effects of running a long gravel race.

Merrie Mitchell-Quigley and Della Brock Hengen.  Cheerful faces at Check Point 1,
featuring Merrie's renown homemade "protein balls," which taste much more like dessert.

Always affable Matt Bergen manning Check Point 2.
With him is George Evans, who patrolled the course throughout the day on his motorcycle.
In the background is racer Tyler Loewens, apparently booking reservations for dinner.

       Bob Wieck and Garrett Olson at Check Point 3, with motorcycle patrol George Evans taking a well deserved break.
This was more a party than a check point, with food, drinks, music and loads of energy.

Beermeister Nate Bell of Kinkaider Brewery cheering on the finishers and tabulating results.

Finish line congratulations from Odin himself, Chad Quigley.  Nice way to end the day.

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