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Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Mountain Bike by Jones Bikes

One mountain bike. A Jones 29 Plus LWB. Dressed in black. Ready to rumble.

When unpacking the Jones a few days ago, I exhaled, "Wow. That's a Big Bike." Capital "B" Big. Tall. Long. Wide. Wow. It looks like a whole lot to handle. Wow. I may need a bigger engine.

Jones 29 Plus LWB = Jones (designed by Jeff Jones), 29 (29er mountain bike), Plus (3"+ tires), LWB (long wheelbase)
(photo by Chani Groseth)
Abruptly, I flash back to building up my Black Mountain monster cross bike a few years ago. Compared to conventional road racing bikes, the Black Mountain was mammoth. It stood tall and upright. It stretched down the road with slack frame angles, long chain stays and a sloping fork. The 40 mm tires triggered thoughts of mountain bike tires. However, although it looked like a sluggish beast compared to conventional road racing bikes, it was not. The Black Mountain proved to be a great road bike for me. I hope this Jones mountain bike is the same for me on the trails.

Smooth and comfortable, although the upright position and short reach is a radical change.
(photo by Chani Groseth)
Although I am confident in my research, analysis and conclusions in committing to the Jones 29 Plus LWB, my final answer will emerge only after many miles in the saddle. I'll be out there to find out. I'll take pictures and write about it. Can't wait.

The large main triangle, truss fork and handle bar support voluminous bags, tailor made for Jones by Revelate Designs.
(photo by Chani Groseth)
Of course, I got the Revelate Design bags designed for the main triangle, fork and handle bar, to go along with my existing assortment for the rest of the bike. Lack of capacity won't be an issue, although excess capacity may be. No limits from this bike, but only from my ability, ambition and time.
Although it looks like catalogue copy to me, Jones emailed me three pictures of my bike after they built it up.
(photo by Jones Bikes)

Tire clearance looks good, even with 3.25" Vee BullDozers.
(photo by Jones Bikes)

The more I look at it, the more I see and the more I wonder how it all works together.
(photo by Jones Bikes)

Jeff Jones regularly posts on his website, with text, pictures and videos, showcasing his design philosophy and build execution, as well as the resulting bikes in action. I found it fascinating, if you're open to some unconventional thinking and a little wild-eyed passion. Here's links to some samples. Jeff Jones Talks BikesJones Plus Video. Jones Plus Design ProcessJones Plus Build & Talk. A Ride on the Jones Plus.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Craig,
    A Jones Plus-who would have guessed? I have had the Jones Plus at the top of my list for a year or so, and will be interested in seeing how you like it. Thank you for the offer to give route advice or ride with me in the Black Hills, I may take you up on that. And I do some bikepacking with a Fargo that I really like so I am up for that.
    Enjoy the new bike!