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Monday, July 22, 2019

Just A Ride On The Mickelson Trail

Meet George Voorhees of Austin, Texas. Last weekend, I was fortunate to ride several miles with him on the Mickelson Trail. He is a living example of living life.

Visiting relatives in the Black Hills, George had never been on the Mickelson Trail, so he thought he'd take a look. With some water, a little food and a map, he rode north out of Hill City with the idea of turning around when he thought he should. Together, we crossed some bridges, cleared some tunnels and covered some miles. It was a wonderful start to my planned 100+ mile solo ride.

George said that the previous day he hiked to Little Devil's Tower and then decided to continue to the top of Harney Peak. He spoke glowingly of the experience, as well as the people he met. Everything was positive about the day.

Turns out that six months ago, George was fighting to survive quadruple bypass heart surgery. This trip is the first time he's been able to enjoy returning to the outdoors to do the things he loves. He's not wasting his time, opportunity or ability.

George Voorhees is living life.

George Voorhees and Craig Groseth on the Mickelson Trail. July 20, 2019.

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