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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Real World Response - Food on the Great Divide

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip for April 15, 2021

Over the winter and now into the spring, I have been researching and experimenting with a variety of food options to sustain the effort of pedaling for weeks along the 2,500 mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR). SeeKeep It Simple - Food on the Great Divide. My latest exercise involved a 3 hour journey into a large grocery store to study every item on every shelf in every aisle, all with an eye for possible consumption during such a ride. I emerged with a smattering of new ideas and a collection of things to try.

Of course, none of this odd behavior escapes the attention of my wife, who patiently listens to all my ramblings about all things cycling. But I think I may have found even her limit when I kept yammering on about my latest exercise. Her reaction to my creative problem solving was much like that of Suzie listening to Calvin above.

I think it's time for me to step away from the research and ride. Just ride.

To be fair to the real world, this particular attempt at dinner doesn't look all that appealing.
But it's not horrible at home, which makes it downright gourmet in the field.
440 calories, 56g carb, 19g protein, 16g fat. Widely available. Easily prepared.

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