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Sunday, October 23, 2022

No Hurries, No Worries

Yeah, keep on shinin' your light,
Gonna make everything, pretty mama,
Gonna make everything alright,
And I aint got no worries,
Cause I aint in no hurry at all.
Black Water, Patrick Simmons (1973).

Five weeks passed without a blog post. Other than a sabbatical during my 7 week ride of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, that's the longest span of non-activity here in years.

There's no good reason. I have plenty of stories and topics swirling around my brain, including a couple more posts on the Pony Express Bikepacking Adventure, a series on our 5 day Black Hills Bounty bikepacking ride, another spotlight on the lifestyle of Coffeeneuring, and any number of posts on thoughts of riding next year. Maybe they all just need some time to percolate.

But right now, it's autumn in the Black Hills. Maybe more than any other season, autumn is my time to explore new backroads, to build a deeper understanding of how the roads interact with these lands, and to fire the imagination for creating new experiences. And to just ride.

So, I haven't been writing. But I have been riding. And taking pictures and notes. I find myself looking to the Northern Hills, especially for the 2023 Black Hills Bounty.

I'm finding roads like these. More to come. No hurries. No worries.

Black Water, Doobie Brothers Live (1979).

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