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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Back For More Black Hills Bounty

Where does that road go?
Often I wonder.
Sometimes, I wander. 

I'm not the only one searching for Black Hills Bounty.
(from unknown trail camera in the Black Hills)

The Black Hills Bounty started as a five day bikepacking trip created in 2021 for cycling buddy Paul Brasby and a few of his friends. From rambling discussions over long days bikepacking the Cloud Peak 500, we sketched out the makings of a vacation/adventure ride hitting the best back roads and sights in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Thoughts of that resulting ride still bring big smiles. 2021 Black Hills Bounty Wrap.

To those out-of-staters, that highlight reel of bikepacking the Black Hills merely stoked the fire. But where to go after that? Since most of the 2021 Bounty meandered around the Central Black Hills, I looked to the South and put together a completely different experience for 2022. 2022 Black Hills Bounty - Take FiveDay 0Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5.

USFS 832 in the Bear Lodge Mountains, a part of Black Hills National Forest.

Now 2023, the list of Paul's bikepacking friends continues to grow and they're looking to explore more of the Black Hills. So, I'm back scouting new routes and new-to-me roads, both from the home office on digital and paper maps and on the ground out in the Hills. We plan to ride through the Northern Hills this year, reaching into the Bear Lodge Mountains and out to Devil's Tower. 

The best part for me, other than the experience bikepacking with those guys and gals, is scouting all those fabulous back roads and stitching together fun routes. There's nothing like the search for Black Hills Bounty.

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