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Sunday, September 10, 2023

2023 Black Hills Bounty - Still Aint Worried

I don't know what you've been told,
But time is running out, no need to take it slow.
I'm stepping to you toe to toe,
I should be scared, honey, maybe so.

But I aint worried 'bout it right now, (right now)
Keeping dreams alive, 1999 heroes.
I aint worried 'bout it right now, (right now)
Swimming in the floods, dancing on the clouds below.

I aint worried 'bout it.

I Aint Worried, Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Tyler Spry, John Eriksson, Peter Moren & Bjorn Yttling (2022).

Dropping down USFS Low Standard Road 223 toward Roughlock Falls.

The third annual Black Hills Bounty approaches. 

Back in 2020, bikepacking buddy Paul Brasby inspired the creation of the Bounty with repeated, wistful musings of a weeklong bikepacking ride exploring the Black Hills of South Dakota. As the idea took shape over many miles of riding together, he grew determined to share the experience. So, he gathered a small group of friends from Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado to ride throughout the Central Black Hills in 2021 and then returned for a tour of the Southern Black Hills in 2022. See, 2021 Black Hills Bounty Links and 2022 Black Hills Bounty Links.

One of many fabulous dispersed camping sites in the Bear Lodge Mountains.

For 2023, we're embarking on a 6 day rough road bikepacking tour of the Northern Black Hills of South Dakota and the Bear Lodge Mountains of Wyoming, with a jaunt into the prairie to camp at Devil's Tower National Monument. It's a typical Bounty mix of rough Forest Service roads, abandoned two-tracks, some single track, a stretch of Mickelson Trail, and even a bit of pavement, with camping both dispersed and in USFS campgrounds. A self-supported, self-navigated adventure/vacation, with a nod toward vacation.

Winding through a thicket on USFS Low Standard Road 172.1 in the Northern Black Hills.

Topping a ridge line along USFS Secondary Bear Lodge Road.

Experienced endurance cyclists all, these Bounty-riding friends once again ask very few questions in the weeks leading up to the ride. Maybe by now they know what to expect. Maybe I made the route too easy. Maybe they've thoroughly prepared bodies, bikes, and gear. Maybe.

Or maybe this group is like the Top Gun pilots playing Dog Fight Football instead of training before their improbable mission. Aint worried 'bout, it right now.

So now, that's the Official Theme Song for the Black Hills Bounty.

I Aint Worried, New Republic (2022).

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