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Monday, April 8, 2024

Grass Roots Gravel Returns!

The mountain is high, the valley is low
And you're confused on which way to go
So, I've come here to give you a hand
And lead you into the promised land
So, come on and take a free ride
Free Ride, Dan Hartman (1973)

No shortage of primo gravel roads in and around the Black Hills of South Dakota.
(image by Paul Brasby)

Grass roots gravel returns to the Black Hills! 

Not one, but two community gravel ride series this spring! Wowzer!

Leading off, the Black Hills Mountain Bike Association is hosting a series of four free gravel "Social Rides" in the spirit of the wildly popular Black Hills Gravel Series. For our riding pleasure, Lucas Haan of Black Hills Gravel once again hand-crafted a series of unique routes over a mix of county gravel roads, minimum maintenance roads, Forest Service dirt, and perhaps even a smattering of two track. Every route is a gem.

As always, there's something for everyone. Each ride will offer three different routes, increasing in length and difficulty, for each start location. They're named by color:  Green (10-20 miles, moderate elevation gain), Blue (20-40 miles, moderately more elevation gain and difficulty), and Black (50+ miles, significantly more elevation gain and difficulty, likely with another challenge). A route exists for every level of ability, experience, and ambition.

Saturday, April 6 (9 am) - Gravel Social #1 (Sturgis)
Saturday, April 20 (9 am) - Gravel Social #2 (Spearfish)
Saturday, May 11 (9 am) - Gravel Social #3 (Custer)
Saturday, May 18 (9 am) - Gravel Social #4 (Hill City)

Updates will be posted on the Black Hills Mountain Bike Association FaceBook Group, with links to GPX files and cue sheets. Of course, Black Hills Gravel has a group on FaceBook, Strava, and RideWithGPS, where one can find additional information and links.

There's more. There's always more to ride out here.
(image by Paul Brasby)

But wait. We've only just begun.

Rushmore Bikes of Spearfish is also hosting a series of four free gravel rides on different dates over different routes. Here's their announcement of the Rushmore Bikes N(A)R Classic Spring Series, which includes links to more information and maps:

"Join us for the NAR Classic (Not (A) Race) Spring Series, a one-of-a-kind cycling event that's all about the joy of riding and the camaraderie of fellow cyclists. At Rushmore Bikes, we believe in creating a family-friendly atmosphere where riders of all ages and skill levels can come together to celebrate the beauty of cycling."

Sunday, April 14 (10 am) - N(A)R Classic #1 (Whitewood)
Sunday, April 21 (10 am) - N(A)R Classic #2 (Belle Fouche)
Sunday, May 12 (10 am) - N(A)R Classic #3 (Spearfish)
Sunday, May 19 (10 am) - N(A)R Classic #4 (Beulah)

Our gravel cup overfloweth! 

Enjoy these group rides. Bring your families and friends. Thank these folks for making this happen. Support the businesses that provide our start/finish facilities. 

This is our Black Hills grass roots gravel community. What a treasure.

Free Ride, Edgar Winter Group (1973)

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