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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Outside The Norm

While I enjoyed a quiet cup of freshly brewed coffee in a city park one overcast morning, a great disturbance in the force snapped my attention to the nearby bike path. A solitary Canadian Goose angrily stomped about the base of a large cottonwood tree, squawking and generally creating a ruckus. 

Thinking that perhaps a perceived predator wandered too close to a hidden nest, I scanned to find something, anything, to cause such a scene. Nothing on the ground. Not even another goose. Maybe in the sky above. 

Then I saw it.

No way. Another Canadian Goose stands on a large limb of the cottonwood tree, a solid 40 feet off the ground.

What series of circumstances and decisions put that relatively large, heavy, web-footed water fowl up there? Maybe it had something to do with the other goose aggressively patrolling below. I don't know. Somehow, that Goose landed in dramatically unfamiliar territory, far outside its norm.

Maybe it's time to do the same.

Addendum. After a little research, I learned that Canadian Geese have been known to nest in trees, although rarely. I certainly have never before seen one high in a tree. A lesson in creatively adapting to circumstances, despite limitations and obstacles.

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