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Monday, August 3, 2020

Cloud Peak 500 - Gear List

Oh, well.
Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac (1969).

Posts in the wrong order? Oh, well.
Fleetwood Mac, circa 1969, with Mick Fleetwood on percussion and John McVie on bass.
But this is not your mother's Fleetwood Mac. Say hello to Peter Green.

I just realized that my last three posts are in reverse order. A first post should have identified all the gear I plan to take on the Cloud Peak 500. Then a second post should have described how I pack all that gear onto the bike. Finally, a third post should have reported how the loaded bike handles on roads and trails.

But I got all excited about getting out there and messed up the order. I packed up the bike with everything, rode it all over for a few weeks, and eventually sat down long enough to write a post on how the loaded bike handled. Cloud Peak 500 - Gearing Up. In response to some inquiries, I then wrote a post on how I packed everything onto the bike. Cloud Peak 500 - Packing Up. And now while double checking gear, I'm finally writing a post that lists everything. It's all backwards.

Oh, well.

Reverse order or not, here's a complete gear list for my Cloud Peak 500. It's a list, not a photo gallery. I did not take pictures of the gear before packing and I'm not about to disassemble everything just to post one of those nice pictures showcasing everything all laid out in neat rows across the living room floor. Maybe next time.

For what it's worth, I have been gradually acquiring this type of gear over many years. But it's still quite a sight to see all this on a list for one ride.

It's all in there.

Sleep Kit:  Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Bikepack tent, Brooks Range Mountaineering Alpini 30 sleeping bag, ThermaRest ProLite pad, Outdoor Vitals UL Stretch pillow, SeaToSummit Reactor Extreme liner

Clothes:  2 Voler bib shorts, 2 Voler jerseys, 2 pair SmartWool socks, 1 SmartWool top base layer, 1 SmartWool bottom base layer, 1 Voler wind jacket, 1 Showers Pass Refuge rain jacket, 1 Marmot hooded down jacket, 1 SmartWool casual shirt, 1 nylon shorts, 1 pair Pearl Izumi liner gloves, 1 pair Marmot over gloves, 1 Pearl Izumi head band, 1 Voler skull cap, 1 SmartWool stocking cap, 1 buff

First Aid/Hygiene/Personal:  Ace bandage, gauze pads, large & small band aids, butterfly band aids, alcohol wipes, NeoSporin, hydrocortisone, sun screen, lip balm, insect repellant, aspirin, Tums, wipes, toilet paper, zinc oxide, hand towel, tooth brush/paste, soap, sunglasses, bear spray, phone, wallet

Tool Kit:  Lezyne Alloy HV Drive pump, Lezyne SV-16 multi-tool, Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster tubeless tire repair kit, extra sealant, 2 spare tubes, Park Tool patch kit, tire irons, LeatherMan Skeletal CX tool, Jones derailer hanger, chain links, quick links, chain lube, duct tape, zip ties, CCG mud scraper

Navigation:  DeLorme hard copy maps, cue sheets, Stem Captain compass, CatEye cyclocomputer, CatEye head light and tail light, Mountain Miser thermometer, Gideon's pocket Bible

Documentation:  Olympus TG-4 Tough camera, paper, pens

Hydration:  100 ounce CamelBack bladder, 2 one liter bottles, MSR Trail Shot water filter, iodine

Food (8 days):  oatmeal/coffee (breakfast), nutrition bars/peanut butter/jerkey/gels (during the day), freeze dried entree/hot chocolate/bars (dinner)

Kitchen:  JetBoil MiniMo stove and fuel, matches, salt/pepper, SeaToSummit collapsible bowl/cup, XL spoon


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