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Sunday, June 18, 2023

BackBone Grande - A Page Linking All My Posts

Climbing into the Black Hills on Lame Johnny Road in Custer State Park.
(photo by Kevin Fox)

The BackBone Grande. A bikepacking route across the State of South Dakota along the spine of the Black Hills. Designed specifically for bikepacking to showcase the best of our Black Hills and surrounding prairie. 

Over the years, I have ridden, hiked, and driven many miles throughout the Black Hills. I love exploring back roads unknown to me, creating interesting routes, and seeing routes created by others. If not riding, scouting, researching, routing, or writing, I'm probably talking with someone about back country roads around here.

Since introducing the BackBone Grande in January 2023, I've posted more details of the route and received enthusiastic responses from many cyclists. I'll be posting more in the future, including ride reports from me and others.

To readily access current and future posts I created a Blog Page that lists, describes, and links every blog post about the BackBone Grande. BackBone Grande Page.

Now comes the fun part of riding and sharing.

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