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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Cloud Peak 500 Logistics - Miles 434 to 490

The Cloud Peak 500 is a 500 mile remote road loop in and around the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. This post is part of a series that describes some of each day's logistics involved when we rode the route on bicycles loaded for a 7-8 day self-supported tour in early August 2020. It also includes a screen shot and link to a digital map on, which I created after the trip to show our ride for each separate day. Finally, it adds a photo gallery. This post covers Miles 434-490 of the route, which was Paul's final day. Go to Miles 0-52 for Logistics for Day 1, go to Miles 52-104 for Logistics for Day 2, go to Miles 104-151 for Logistics for Day 3, go to Miles 151-201 for Logistics for Day 4, go to Miles 201-251 for Logistics for Day 5, go to Miles 251-299 for Logistics for my Day 6, go to Miles 299-356 for Logistics for my Day 7, and go to Miles 356-434 for Logistics for Paul's Day 7.

After winding 434 miles of up, down, and along the Big Horn Mountains in a mammoth counter-clockwise loop, the Cloud Peak 500 strikes for the eastern prairie for a rolling 56 miles from Buffalo to the finish in Sheridan. Know that no commercial establishments exist on route for re-supply, despite what appear to be towns on a map. This section is a welcomed break from all the previous days of long, hot climbs and is a fitting finish for this self-supported tour.

Paul starts his Day 8 from the town of Buffalo at an elevation of about 4,600 feet and finished the day, and the Cloud Peak 500 route, 56 miles later at the town of Sheridan at an elevation of about 3,800 feet. The first 23 miles roll generally downhill along Clear Creek on Kumor Road (40), then Belus Road (102), then Box Elder Road (171), and finally merging with U.S. Highway 14 for 2 miles to "Ucross." All these roads are straight forward to navigate and good, solid gravel to ride.

Ucross appears to be a town on my maps, but it is not. Rather, it is an art studio, gallery, and/or museum of some sort that may be open to the public during other days, hours or times. It certainly is not a place for a traveling cyclist to re-supply provisions. That is also true for all the other spots that appear to be towns along these 56 miles. Carry what you need for this stretch.

Just a half mile after "Ucross," the route turns NorthWest onto Coal Creek Road (195). Here starts the biggest "climb" of the day, about 600 feet of elevation gain over the next 6 miles. Relatively speaking, this is a bump in the road on the Cloud Peak 500.

Cresting that rise, the route drops a mile into "Ulm," another non-town. Continue north on Ulm Road (42), which gently rolls down a valley for about 14 miles to Wyarno Road (84). Just 3 miles later, the route turns onto Wildcat Road (84), which winds and rolls about 5 miles before merging with 336 to enter Sheridan. 

These roads are straight forward to navigate and follow. Other than a several mile stretch of fresh gravel that Paul rode into in mid-August 2020, these roads are relatively good, solid gravel roads for the prepared cyclist.

Paul Brasby Photo Album

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